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Learn to say No at work


Learn to say No at work

Graham Smith

Are you a Flossie?

There's usually at least one Flossie in every organisation, often one in every family and they are much more likely to be a women than a man.

She thinks that if she continues to do a good job and works hard enough she will be noticed, get that promotion and pay rise. If the promotion doesn't come, then she thinks that just means she needs to work harder, train more people - Flossie is holding the place together.

If Flossie is at home, she thinks that everyone is too busy to appreciate her and the lack of recognition and constant striving means that she can soon become, exhausted, miserable and bitter.

Flossie doesn't realise, however, that research by Harvey Coleman within organisations demonstrated that 'glass ceilings' and lack of career impact was due not to a lack of hard work but a lack of visibility!

Making herself indispensable in her current role, staying in her comfort zone and never asking for anything will not get her the recognition she deserves.

90% of the reasons for promotion and recognition within organisations are due to image and visibility; Flossie needs to make greater efforts with her interpersonal  skills, appearance and ensure she builds contacts and networks.

The Springboard Women's Development Programme has been designed to help Flossie and her colleagues, this is what some of the latest graduates from the recent programme in Bournemouth said:

This course has been a strong factor in a life changing direction for me. I have now become more confident and not afraid to be me and be assertive.
I feel much more confident and positive than I did four months ago, when I had really low self esteem. I feel it will help me going forward.
The most effective, accurate course for self help, peer support and taking control of personal and professional areas of life.

So if you want to stop being a Flossie, learn to be more assertive and want things to change, then you have to change things.

Our next Springboard Women's Development Programme will start in April 2016.

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