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On the Tenth day of Assertiveness


On the Tenth day of Assertiveness

Graham Smith

Now, I do like numbered lists and the research will say, so do many others - so here are 10 tips and techniques for being assertive, to add to what we have covered so far.

  1. Choose the right time and place.

  2. Use a confident voice.

  3. Speak firmly but calmly.

  4. Maintain eye contact (No staring)

  5. Repeat yourself (like a broken record) until you are heard.    

  6. If necessary, agree that you hear what the other person is saying. Then repeat your position. For example, “I’m sure you do think I’m being a coward, but I’m not interested.”

  7. Take the offensive. by asking a question. Explain how you feel. “I feel like you are pressuring me. Why are you pressuring me to do that? I don’t want to!”

  8. Offer a compromise if appropriate.

  9. Refuse to discuss the issue further and change the subject.

  10. Refuse to discuss the issue any further and/or leave.  This is the final assertiveness technique.  It may seem like running away, but if you have tried the other techniques and the other person is still pressuring you, this is the way to remain in control and act in your own best interests.

I hope that's helpful, just 2 days left!