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Why it isn’t selfish to take time for yourself


Why it isn’t selfish to take time for yourself

Graham Smith

So often, in conversations with many of the women who attend my development programmes, the issue of feeling selfish comes up, when I talk about the importance of looking after yourself and taking 'me-time'.

Why do airline companies stress the importance of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others? Because you are of no use to anyone around you if you can’t breathe. The same goes in everyday life, in order to be that amazing energy-giving, hard-working, thoughtful, supportive partner, mother, daughter, sister, friend or whatever it might be, you need to be in the best condition, both physically and emotionally, yourself. That means, of course, that you need to ensure you make the time to re-energise you.

I am sure I do not need to repeat the huge amount of healthy-living advice that is out there at the moment. In fact many of you may well already have healthy eating and fitness regimes; making sure that you get enough sleep and drink plenty of water, whilst not overdoing the alcohol and chocolate. If so, congratulations and keep it up. If, on the other hand, you are a little more like me and those things happen less often than you would like; this may well be the time to make sure that kind of lifestyle becomes a goal that you can take some realistic steps towards achieving.

If you'd like some help with both 'me-time and goal setting', one of our celebratory personal development days could be just the thing for you.