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We help create successful women by changing their state of mind.

Women's Development Programmes make a difference


Women's Development Programmes make a difference

Graham Smith

Why do single gender training programmes make a difference to the women that attend them? 

The answers are many and varied, but in our experience the opportunity for women to find their voice in a supportive environment has the greatest positive impact. 

Whilst women are making great progress in their careers across many industries, a growing body of research is identifying a variety of barriers for many of those women looking to achieve their full potential.

Amongst the barriers identified, low levels of self- belief feature time and again. It is a common stereotype that women are more risk-averse than men. Their greater fear of failure, it is argued, can hold them back from putting themselves forward for career advancement. there’s proven evidence that a man will go for a new job even if he only ticks a few of the key requirements for a role, whereas a woman is far more likely to need to meet the majority of requirements before applying. 

We have found this need for perfection, whilst a seemingly positive attribute, can in fact create more issues and problems than we realise.Women's Development Programmes can increase self-belief, confidence and help find solutions through practicing assertive behaviours and beliefs.