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We help create successful women by changing their state of mind.

Support for your company

Company Springboard Programme

Getting the best out of your staff has never been more important. Springboard is an internationally renowned women's development programme that was originally developed for the BBC. It is now delivered to women across the world, transforming lives and helping business to greater success through enhancing the confidence and abilities of female staff.

You can now join the impressive list of companies who run Springboard Programmes for their staff.  If, however, the organisation simply isn't big enough to warrant a dedicated course, then you can still support your female staff by linking with another organisation to share the benefits or simply send individual members of staff to one of our Springboard Open Programmes.

Each course can take a maximum of 24 participants and involves 4 full-day workshops over a 3/4 month period.  Delivered by a fully licensed Springboard trainer either at your own premises or a variety of locations around the United Kindgom, this programme offers outstanding value for money:

£5,000 + VAT for a company hosted programme.

£6,000 + VAT for a company programme run at one of our venues.

For 24 participants, that means costs start at only £250 per head including VAT.

One-to-one coaching

At various times in our lives we all need someone to talk to, someone who can offer a little guidance.  At 'Successful Women' we can offer your staff access to an experienced coach with the skills and experience that are necessary to make a difference.  

As with all forms of coaching, relationships are clearly important. We therefore offer a free initial 1hr session to enable your member of staff to get to know their coach. There is no obligation, if it doesn't feel right after that session you can simply walk away or we can offer access to another coach.

Assuming your company does decide to go ahead, our coach will agree a personal programme with the individual and the organisation, which will be tailored to meet their specific requirements.


Getting women's development right and reaping the benefits from a more representative workforce makes sense for any business, but we appreciate that sometimes it's not an easy task.

With extensive experience of developing women's networks and positive action programmes, we can offer you access to award winning specialists who have the knowledge, experience and vision to make a difference for your organisation.

To find out more, book a free initial 1hr consultation with 'Successful Women' or simply contact us for more information, we are always happy to help and guarantee absolute confidentiality.