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Guest Blog

In too deep? Being aware of you, your business & how one affects the other

Graham Smith

Today's Guest Blog comes from Jo Huey of Jo Huey Business Solutions

After a lot of years working with people and understanding about how they deal with others and how they feel about themselves I have decided that today's post is going to be about us and our business. 
I have spoken to a number of women in business and what I am currently aware of is the pressure they are under. It probably isn't specific to women but that is my only experience so that is what this post is based on. There is so much to learn, do and be responsible for in a small business.

The women I speak to are juggling home life and their business and whilst it is fun to some, to others it is a pressure and one that tends to take a toll on their lives and that of others. There is an increasingly lack of balance between our private and work lives. 

There seems to be elements of self-doubt, self esteem and lack of self-confidence and whilst this is personal it is very much part of their business. It affects how they do business (or don't) and how they interact with others (or don't). 

I spoke to a lady that was struggling with her business, she wanted to take it forward but each of the things she tried wasn't really working. She was adding more and more services but what she lacked was the ability to step back and look at what the business was really about. It was about her, people came to see her, because she was really good at what she did. 

The business aspect I suppose got in the way and she in a sense lost what was the important part, the reason she started up the business. She took time to look at what she did, her skills, her ambitions, her expertise and the light bulb moment happened.

It is important for us to listen to ourselves, sometimes that voice inside our head tells us something but often we don't like the sound of it so we ignore it. Personally I think this is the worst thing we can do. 

Surely we need to listen to ourselves, doesn't that then breed self-assurance and self-confidence. Does that not create a habit in us so we start believing and trusting ourselves? Surely that is a good thing, no?

A lot of tasks can seem so un-achievable due to their size, but we all know that we need to break things down. Taking some progress is better than not taking any at all. These things can paralyse us and we ending being stuck, stuck in a business that may not be serving us well, making money but more importantly making us happy. 

My top tips:

  • Take a step back and close your eyes, think about all the things in your private and business life that are causing you concern
  • Make a list, type it up, draw pictures whichever method you use is perfect (when you do this, I suggest just writing/typing/drawing, don't think about getting it right in terms of grammar/colours/spelling etc, just do it)
  • Identify your top 3 that are causing the biggest concerns (they may cross-over and once one is resolved it may resolve others)
  • Pick one on the list, break it down into chunks, think about what/who can help with each one (no man is an island and we all need help & support)
  • Be realistic, what can you actually do in the time you have. This is about action not an exercise to leave and never to return to again
  • Make sure you have "manageable" chunks - there is no clear definition for this in my mind, what is one person's "Manageable" isn't another. Even if it is, get up 10 mins earlier, write 3 things I did well today etc

The next posts will go into more details about progressing with these tasks, taking them forward, tracking and celebrating successes.

If you need help with this, please do get in touch