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Successful Women Podcast Show with your host Gill Donnell MBE


Gill Donnell

Today's interview is with Sandy Weatherburn, the founder of a community interets company, Social Embers.

With the introduction of the internet, on-line digital bereavement and memorial are now an established part of modern society.  So what does digital bereavement mean? 

When someone dies, their physical life has ended, but their digital accounts still remain active on the internet. This can be any account that is associated with their profile such as social media, e-mail, loyalty cards, banking, shopping and photographs. All of these now need to be considered in the same way that we would think about leaving a will. 

Social Embers has been founded to provide helpful support, information and services that relate to end of life and the internet.

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Sandy talks in her interview about the significance of the Springboard Women's Development Programme on her business.

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