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Successful Women Podcast Show with your host Gill Donnell MBE


Gill Donnell

I am the Founder of a personal empowerment system called Life Retuning which uses the human energy field to open pathways of possibility to create positive and lasting change. The human energy field holds the key to changing any unwanted behaviour and upgrading the quality of our lives to high levels of happiness, health and fulfilment. This means it can bypass the obstacles and barriers our minds put up to changes. Modern science is opening up a whole new level of understanding about how we function energetically. I am committed to showing and teaching people how to use their own personal energy in a healthy way in their own lives, within relationships and pro-actively with the environment.

I started my journey into energy at 24 years old when I suffered a severe nervous breakdown and had to find a way out of it. I had high levels of anxiety, panic attacks and my world shut down as I couldn’t cope with anything that caused any further stress. This started me looking at alternative therapies when the orthodox route gave me no relief or answers. Eventually I discovered Energy Psychology and trained in it. My research led me to Quantum Physics and and experimented with combining the two. This eventually became the set of powerful transformation tools and techniques that is now known as Life Retuning.

I specialise in using Life Retuning as a Business Empowerment Facilitator, by helping Entrepreneurs with a Social or Environmental solution who have a deep desire to turn that idea into a sustainable and heart-led business but lack the confidence to do so. It is not Coaching. I having worked with over 1000 clients, offering a supportive and transformational set of programmes which have changed the ground state in their businesses and personal lives from struggling, to firing on all cylinders. I work globally over Skype with all types of businesses. With Life Retuning I am a Master at unlocking the deepest level of fears and anxieties and transforming them into joyful energy, clear thinking and easy manifestation using a little bit of magic! I specialise in Retuning those who are ready to upgrade their lives, to experience permanent, powerful and positive changes.

‘I am passionate about empowering people and helping them to find their true beautiful selves. I believe that understanding energy at the fundamental level is the key to us living more fulfilling, healthy, happy lives in harmony with nature instead of acting against it.’ 

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