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Jonita D’souza is a Feminine Lifestyle Coach and creator of Exploring Femininity Ltd., a place for busy women to reconnect with their femininity and sensuality so that they can experience more energy, enthusiasm and pleasure in their everyday life without burn-outs using various modalities like NLP, EFT, Psychic Reading, Shamanism, Law of Attraction, Kinesiology, Affirmations, Clearing Statements, etc. 

Born and raised in the tropical islands of Andaman, India, Jonita left home at the age of 15 to find her identity. Little did she know that the awareness she was seeking would bring her to London, UK where she found the freedom and expression of her womanhood. Soon she was caught in the rat race and competition of the Western world, burnt out with severe illnesses which made her realise that she had to lose her societal identity to discover her real essence. After several years of immersing herself in to the spiritual learnings of the divine feminine and discovering her real essence as a woman, she made the decision to pass on this wisdom to as many woman around and invite them on a journey of exploring their femininity. 4 years ago, she founded the company ‘Exploring Femininity’ running monthly women’s New Moon circles, workshops, online community and private coaching. This work has now become Jonita’s sacred purpose.

Jonita believes that it is the responsibility of the 21st century women to explore their femininity, so that they can create a sustainable life for themselves, for their loved ones and for generations to come.

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