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Successful Women Podcast Show with your host Gill Donnell MBE


Gill Donnell

Today's episode is with Denise Davis of Harmonise your Heart.

Her prior profession to being a Coach was as a primary school teacher. She left teaching when her husband left, as she was disheartened with the way everything had become about ticking boxes and not really doing the best for the children. She was inspired to became a coach for kids (Calm Kids) and a coach for adults (Calm Minds) as the therapies and coaching she had taken, helped her overcome the devastation of her divorce.

 At first when her husband left she was lost and grieving for the future she thought she had, but with the support of coaching she reinvented herself anew. She tried all sorts of new activities such as a free fall sky dive at fifty, flew to Bali to meet friends who were travelling and took her PADI Scuba diving certificate. She subsequently went to Tel Aviv and Amsterdam for trainings, conferences in Phoenix and Colorado and much more…

She now helps clients move forward to an improved relationship or deal with the aftermath of the breakup. 


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