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Successful Women Podcast Show with your host Gill Donnell MBE


Gill Donnell

Angela is a Business & Life  Coach, Speaker and Writer. She is the founder of High Heelers  a company that was created to help women start and grow their own businesses. She is fiercely passionate about helping female entrepreneurs at all stages of growth.  Not only does she love the world of business but she also loves the self development side that is required to succeed when starting and growing a company and helping women break down their own blocks.   Angela brings over 20 years corporate experience as an employee and business owner.  Her skill and success comes from the fact she is an ideas machine,  she is honest and has incredible instinct when it comes to helping clients move forward. 

A lightbulb moment came at a corporate meeting with very senior managers attending. Everyone was asked what they would do if they won the lottery and not a single person said they would do what they are doing now. Not only was she shocked by this she was also very shocked that no one else was. 

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