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We help create successful women by changing their state of mind.


Successful Women Podcast Show with your host Gill Donnell MBE


Gill Donnell

Gwenda’s vision and achievements continue to see her be an exceptional educator & leader in shaping and changing the health and wellbeing of people who strive to make life all that they want it to be and for business owners to know how to move past their own obstacles to achieve the bottom line and vision of their business. 
She has become a well renowned motivational speaker and keynote speaker in the field of Wellness.
The Shapechanger Mission is to educate, lead, inspire and empower the individual, the team and business leaders to a level of wellness that allows the participants of the program to experience a sustainable, exceptional state of health & wellness leading to a wholeness in all 8 platforms of life. “Fit For Living, Well For Life”
Everything Shapechanger embarks on is for you. Our professional desire is to offer you guidance and inspiration that will bring optimum balance, harmony, vitality, achievement of goals and wholeness to every level of your being. 
Is your life every thing you want it to be? Is your business all that you want it to be? Are your team a strong foundation for your business? Are the habits and behaviours of your team in alignment with you and your business objectives?

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