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We help create successful women by changing their state of mind.



“The course is inspirational and has inspired me to go for better paid roles with more responsibility, work on my image, look after me, address my past issues, invest in myself, find support groups and think much more positively. I have so many ideas and goals, I need now to prioritise and act on them. I’m so excited.”
— S.Y
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Springboard Programme. It was refreshing to be able to attend a course split over 4 months so that we were able to build on the momentum. It has taught me so many valuable skills and I feel equipped to be able to go forward personally & professionally.”
— R.H.
“I wish more people were able to attend this course as I feel that there are some vital life skills taught here that everyone should have access to.”
— B.D.

”My confidence has gone from strength to strength... my positive outlook has changed... I hope I can share my knowledge with others”
— J.M.
This course has been a strong factor in a life changing direction for me. I have now become more confident and not afraid to be me and assertive. The greatest gift I have acquired has been to set goals with dates. Thank you for your honesty and all that you do.
— LM
This course is fantastic, it has revolutionised my life, I am much more positive about life in general. I have realised my worth and appreciate my achievements. It’s been great to meet other women and share experiences, I hope we remain friends.
— ZR
Springboard has been a powerful and transformational step for me. It has allowed me the space and time to gather the confidence and self-assurance from my amassed experience. This has helped me to identify new directions based on my values and what success meant to me. Invaluable - thank you.
— PB
This course has been the most beneficial training programme I needed for a long time, yet never had the time to do! I wish I had enrolled 2 years ago.
— L S-G
Gill has quite simply changed my life. She has assisted me with personal business coaching which I have found incredibly valuable. Being a fresh female-fronted start-up, she told me I was her ideal client but this has been made clear to me by the fact she knows EXACTLY how to address my concerns, worries and self-doubting.
Her enormous experience in turning the way our minds work around to reach a more sensible thought pattern has brought me hope, motivation and confidence. I recommend her wholeheartedly and I am sure I will continue to be a client over many years!
— E F-K
Gill, You have been inspirational and led me to discover new areas of my life, set goals and believe in myself more Your enthusiasm and belief in my abilities has enabled me to find a new me. I will never forget you. Thank you.
— L M
I can thoroughly recommend Gill and the Springboard programme. I attended this with Gill supporting our group at a time when it was very relevant to me. The inspiration and support that I have received has given me the confidence to take on new opportunities and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.
One word to describe Gill & her Springboard Programme is ‘Inspirational’.
All women have such a variety of backgrounds and experiences - the Springboard programme empowers you with your past and prepares you for the most productive future possible - it’s truly life changing.
Thinking about people that inspire us, Gill now pops to the front of my list every time now, she is a very driven, kind, understanding and warm person to be taught by and naturally motivates those around her to achieve the best for themselves. I would highly recommend Springboard, but also to be a part of anything that Gill runs I guarantee would be beneficial.
— S M
Gill is a passionate development coach and mentor. I was lucky enough to gain a place on her Springboard woman’s development course last year. Gill shares her excellent knowledge in a sincere and honest manner and is a great facilitator.
Her genuine desire to help women achieve in all aspects of life has given myself and many other women confidence and skills to discover their true potential.
— S W
I have attended Gill’s ‘Springboard for Women course’ and can thoroughly recommend it to women who wish to reflect on their achievements, plan for the future and embrace opportunity. Gills’ ability to communicate and get people thinking out answers for themselves is great.
When in need of an honest, yet no nonsense coaching conversation Gill Donnell is the person to turn too. Her experience and insight of senior-level working, as a female, are invaluable. Gill makes me face my weaknesses and develop my strengths. Her enthusiasm for the development of others is obvious in her very personal approach. Our coaching conversations have caused tears, laughter and most importantly personal success.